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The perfect hold comes over the back!

As a rule, when buying a bra, a woman pays attention to whether it is fashionable, fits the existing laundry or the occasion. All right. Unfortunately, however, the right fit is often not taken into account and this can lead to health risks. Complaints on the shoulder belt, muscles up to the cervical spine can be affected, even with the A-basket. Even a delicate bust is exposed to great levers and pulling forces in sports.

The bra must sit tightly but must not cut. The back part must be at the same height as the front. Otherwise, the shoulder must carry all the weight. The cups must be filled, the bust must include and the handles lie flat on the chest. The straps lie comfortably on the shoulders so that nothing presses, rubs or cuts.

My competent and personal advice not only ensures a comfortable wearing experience, but also supports your health!

Our offers in the areas of service and consulting

Personal advice

At any time I am available for a personal consultation and will gladly take the time to find the right laundry for you.

Fixed contact

Unlike in larger department stores, I am at your side as a permanent contact person in order to be able to better assess you and your needs from time to time.

Wide selection from A to H . From 70 to 105. | Additional sizes can be ordered at any time.
To be there for every woman, the selected range offers many different sizes to suit every fit.


With the ordering service you can order goods easily and conveniently.


If you want to make not only yourself, but also friends or acquaintances a joy, I offer vouchers to give away.

Discount for regular customers

To reward your loyalty and show my gratitude, all my regular customers receive a discount.

VIP shopping

If you prefer to stay unseen and shop for laundry on a secret mission, you can call me beforehand and I will open my VIP entrance for you.

Induvidual appointment

You can make an appointment at any time to get extensive advice from me.

Home visits

Do not manage to get out of the house, visit on request and against agreement and I also like to advise you at home.


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