Now available in the new colour blue.

Summer may come. And that, of course, is held and supported in our wonder pants.
Now available in the new colour and in 3 lengths. Blue, Blue, Blue is …… 🙂 The long panties, the Capri and the cyclists.
Please note, our “miracle panties” are for all women’s legs, the best, on the subject of leg health. Again as a reminder. Our hip joints and knee joints are supported and relieved. Many customers confirm lymphatic drainage. Those who really have to do with water in the legs enjoy the effect of the inner bumps, definitely. But also the athletes among us, realize that you can last longer with the panties. So and now the whole thing in blue.Whether to sports 🙂 or suitable for everyday use. To summer dress or on the bike. Whether in Lang, or Capri or as a cyclist, we all make a good figure in these leggings.
And of course the matching sports bra must not be missing Sound in tone can go on. The award-winning sports bra, the company Anita, captures 80 of the momentum. Thanks to the disused and padded straps. Is highly breathable. Protects our delicate skin coat, relieves our shoulder muscles and the cervical spine. A request to all Mamis. Please think of your teeny girls. Already from the first A Cup, a well-fitting sport bra is important. With every sport type and also in everyday life. In many professions a SportBH is suitable. As an example: nurturing forces, crafts and kindergarten teachers etc
Either way, the Anita Sport bra and the wonder panties are a dream team

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