My sports trampoline, so healthy

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Available from us now 🙂 the sports trampoline!
The healthiest way to exercise! Comfortable to implement in the living room and takes virtually no space away

Not new, but in focus like never before.

Minimal effort with maximum result.

20 minutes of running, bouncing or jumping are more efficient than 40 minutes of extensive jogging.

Your advantages:

1. The use of the trampoline is enormously gentle on the back and joint. (Please always bend to your knees while bouncing)

2. Your complete lymphatic system is brought to the fore.

3. All muscles, all ligaments throughout the body are stressed and trained. Especially the pelvic floor.

All in all, a sports trampoline is the perfect sports equipment for all women – especially for the topic of leg health.

In combination with your wonder pants, you really get the best out of yourself.

We offer our trampoline in 2 variants:

The first model has a black jump mat, an orange border cover and reinforced suspension with screw legs for 199.00€

The same model is available with folding legs, VK 239,00€

( Personally, I have this trampoline and love it )

Specifications: 102 cm diameter, 10 kg net weight.

Usable at body weight 50 to 125 Kg

This model is great for athletes and people who want to become it.

The 2nd model also has a black jumping mat, an orange border cover but a slightly softer suspension and can be used up to 100kg body weight.

Model with screw legs VK 189,00 Euro gross,

Variant with folding legs UK 229.00 Euro gross.

Specifications: 102 cm diameter, 10 kg dead weight.

Usable at body weight 40 to 100 kg

Basically, you can say trampoline sports is huge fun and super healthy. The device takes up hardly any space and can be transported very easily. (On the terrace or in the garden :-))

Totally uncomplicated.

We wish you a lot of joy with it!

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