Wonder Pants Double

Concentrated wonder pants power. Now new as a bundle. Our ever-popular wonder pants in black,in combination with the wonder pants cyclist, available in the colors blue, black, skin.

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Lymph O Fit Wonder Pants

Every day without miracle pants is a lost day. Don’t you think? The fact is that there are already many customers who suffer from lipoedema, lymphatic congestion or lymphoedema, who wear the trousers supplementing or alone and are very enthusiastic about it. (Please note the many positive comments on my page.) The miracle trousers have also proven themselves for all those who attach great importance to leg health as well as increased performance. The latter is especially important for the athletes among us. It is essential that the compression pants are suitable for both women and men.


Wonder pants cyclists

The new panties meet the criteria of the long wonder pants.

  1. Hip joints are supported and relieved
  2. The thigh muscles are supplied with more oxygen
  3. Because the panties are so smooth, you can wear it under the cyclist’s pants
  4. It’s a great solution if you don’t have lymph edema to wear these pants under clothes in summer.
  5. To avoid thigh friction 🙂
Größe Wunderhose Radler
Wunderhose Radler Farbe

Skin, Black, Blue

Größe Wunderhose lang
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