Wonder Pants & AirControl Bundle

The ultra-lightweight among sports bras. Like a second skin, barely noticeable and yet excellently supportive. Now available as a bundle with our top seller of wonder pants.

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Lymph O Fit Wonder Pants

Every day without miracle pants is a lost day. Don’t you think? The fact is that there are already many customers who suffer from lipoedema, lymphatic congestion or lymphoedema, who wear the trousers supplementing or alone and are very enthusiastic about it. (Please note the many positive comments on my page.) The miracle trousers have also proven themselves for all those who attach great importance to leg health as well as increased performance. The latter is especially important for the athletes among us. It is essential that the compression pants are suitable for both women and men.

You are welcome to order the Lymph O Fit compression pants from me. The goods will then be sent to you at short notice. With the trousers, the normal classic German ready-to-wear size is definitely sufficient. The great panties are available in black, skin or even pink, which is especially great for the gym.

The bumps,which are located on the inside of the trousers, look offensive and are unique. At every step or every sporting activity, these bumps shift our tissue layers among each other. Tell varicose veins, brooms, cellulite, lymphedema, vein valve weakness, lipoedema & co. It is also special with these trousers that it goes up to the waist. This drains the largest accumulations of lymph nodes and lymphatic pathways (between the navel and pubis), also referred to as a watershed, as well as the groin nodes,the lymph nodes and the pathways in the knee throat up to the ankles.

As a result, a suction is created that stimulates lymphatic drainage throughout the body.

In addition, the muscles are supplied with more oxygen. This achieves an increased performance in sport, according to the motto: higher, faster, further. The breathable trousers also reduce the risk of injury due to the compression. In addition, the regeneration and fatigue times of the muscles are also reduced after and during the sport.


In some cases, the everyday leggings can be too long. Take care of scissors and simply cut off your trousers. Since it is a hose material, no threads will pull after cutting. Before cutting off, however, it is important to wear it for a few days so that she can sit down properly. However, before it is cut too short, it is better to cut off a little twice.

The lightweight among the sport bras.
The ultra-lightweight among sports bras. Like a second skin, barely noticeable yet excellently supportive: air-permeable, breathable materials make wearing the sport bra air control an airy, light experience (“Anita Sweat Management”). The completely seamless cups reduce the movement of the chest to a minimum.

But let’s introduce the “air control” first: The bra without bracket convinces with its air-permeable, breathable nets, which make wearing an airy, light experience. A powerful touch of nothingness – a must for all sports-active women! All this makes him an ideal companion for sports such as jogging, horseback riding, fencing, basketball or football. It reduces the “bounce effect” (the hopping up and down of the chest when moving) by 78 percent. This protects the sensitive and thin skin on the bosom from cracks that can be visually seen as stretch marks.

If you find it difficult to exercise, you need a bra that makes it easy: Vera Meyer has it! And this in the truest sense of the word, because the “Air control” is considered the lightest bra in the world with only 51 grams and successfully does heavy work on your body.

Cup Size

A, B, C, D, E, F, G

Chest circumference

70cm, 75cm, 80cm, 85cm, 90cm, 95cm

Wunderhosen Größe
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