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Lipoedema and nutrition – relieve discomfort with professional nutrition therapy

In Germany, around one in ten women suffers from lipoedema. There are always nutritional questions related to this disease: Can lipoedema disappear with the right diet alone? What diet can alleviate the symptoms? Basically, being overweight and an unhealthy diet can make edema worse. The right diet cannot bring about a cure, but it contributes significantly to improved well-being.

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Women and lipoedema – What are the causes?

Do you also suffer from lipoedema? The possible causes can be very versatile:

  • Hormonal fluctuations in puberty, menopause or pregnancy,
  • weight gain or
  • genetic predeterminedness.

Lipoedema is a progressive disease. Complaints can be alleviated by targeted nutrition therapy, compression therapy, respiratory physiotherapy and manual lymphatic drainage. My area of expertise is nutritional therapy.

Nutrition in lipoedema – Why is nutrition so important?

As already mentioned, an unhealthy diet and obesity contribute to an aggravation of the ailments. A healthy balanced diet and normal weight can alleviate the symptoms. Of course, a lipoedema cannot be cured with the diet alone. However, this can greatly increase well-being.

You are now wondering which diet is THE right one? In general, we eat to provide the cells with the best possible energy as well as all important nutrients and minerals. But not everything we taste fulfills this purpose. Unfortunately, we often eat far too many foods with too high a glycemic index. Such foods rapidly increase blood sugar levels. At the same time, insulin release is boosted. This process negatively affects fat loss. Experts therefore advise lipoedema patients to diet with foods that have a low glycemic value. Therefore, an isoglykämic or ketogenic diet should be preferred.

The goal of the isoglymeric diet is to avoid both blood sugar and insulin spikes as much as possible. This leaves the cells more sensitive to the released insulin. The body can then use the fat reserves to generate energy. Another plus when we eat foods with a low glycemic value is that we stay fed up much longer. But what exactly is the glycemic value or index? This value indicates whether carbohydrates have a weak or strong effect on blood sugar levels. The higher the glycemic index of a food, the more sugar is in the blood after it has been consumed.

The ketogenic diet presupposes that almost all carbohydrates are removed from the diet. Similar to the well-known “low carb” diet. This has a decisive advantage: the body gets the impulse to no longer store fat. Instead, he uses it for energy production. At the same time, more proteins are added to a low-carbohydrate diet. These are important for our body to build muscle mass or maintain the existing muscles.

Another positive side effect of the ketogenic diet is that the insulin release is greatly reduced. This improves both physical and mental performance. A change in diet makes sense with lipoedema, but should never take place without help.

Women and lipoedema – dietary change with professional help

You are also one of the women with this condition? And you want to actively do something about it? Then the healthy & active nutrition program is just the right thing to do. But what exactly is that?

Healthy & Active – the Nutrition Program

In my practice, the dietary change for women with lipoedema is carried out with a vitality and metabolic analysis. In the first step, I take blood from the patient. This gives me a statement about the state of biochemistry, the metabolic situation and the function of the individual metabolic organs. Why is this so important? Easy. Every person is unique. Therefore, the increase in blood sugar is also individual for each. A discomfort relief through suitable nutrition is only effective if the BMI, the physical condition, the metabolic situation and the age are also taken into account.

On the basis of the blood results, a nutrition plan is then prepared, which is adapted to the individual needs. This plan will only include foods that match your physical requirements and your blood group. Due to the individuality of the plans as well as the blood test, this program is for me the best option of nutritional therapy. Do they also want to improve the diet of lipoedema? Then you benefit from nutrition therapy under expert guidance.

Do you have further questions about health & active – the nutrition program? Then please call me at: 0421-68 54 78 78 or write me an e-mail: I hope to be able to help you soon.

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