The wonder pants – the right size

You’d love to take advantage of Lymph O Fit wonder pants, but don’t know what size to order? Then you’ve come to the right place. In most cases, it is sufficient to select your normal classic German ready-to-wear size. Please note. One thing the compression pants should definitely not squeeze, namely your belly. The trousers go up to the waist and therefore it is especially important to pay attention to the correct size. Whether the miracle pants are too big, you can tell by this, when material bales form in the knees while running or walking.

Whether your trousers are too big or too small, I’ll definitely be happy to exchange them for you. Only when the leggings sit optimally can you benefit from the superior features. Are you unsure about your size? No problem. You can send me the circumference of your waist, hip and the strongest part of your thigh at any time. Please always measure a little on train. Your panties shouldn’t slip off your popo. You are welcome to forward your measurements via WhatsApp or e-mail. I will tell you the correct size as soon as possible. Then nothing can go wrong.

In the right size of clothing, the panties can be easily put on and off. It sits almost like a second skin. This is the first compression pants that are really comfortable. Please do not let this pleasant feeling irritate you. The miracle panties do not exert massive pressure. Nevertheless, your tissues and joints are optimally supported and held. The really unique thing about these pants are the offensively working bumps on the inside.

However, they need space to work properly. The excellent results and ratings are due to these unique bumps from Anita. If you have any further questions about the size or other properties of the wonder pants, do not be afraid to write to me. I am looking forward to hearing from you and will be happy to help you.

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