Travel time – Wunderhosen Time

Travel time – Wonder pants time. Summer, is probably the most beautiful season, isn’t it? Hopefully it will be associated with a lot of holidays with you as well. Especially travelling by plane, bus or long car journeys are not exactly conducive to leg health. Hours of sitting, possibly without legroom, can make us tired. It can also lead to further problems with the legs. Long journeys often lead to heavy legs, water retention, pain, cramps or falling asleep feet. In the worst case, there may even be a blood jam, better known as thrombosis.

However, these side effects of a long journey do not have to be. Try the wonder pants. Whether man or woman, her legs can recover during your journey. You will start your well-deserved holiday with light and dislocated legs. Personally, I have just had an 11-hour flight. Thanks to the miracle panties, however, I am completely gallantly tapped out of the plane with light legs.

The compression leggings can of course be worn at any time instead of tights or conventional leggings. Once you wear the miracle pants, you never want to take them off again, promised. The trousers are also ideal for sports. In the meantime, the wonder panties are not only available in skin, black and blue, but also as designer panties in phyton. So there is definitely something for every taste. Why does the pants do true miracles? This is the responsibility of the massively working bumps on the inside. They ensure that the tissue is easily massaged and lymphatic drainage is activated. The many positive reviews speak volumes for this. You are welcome to read the comments on my homepage.

Convince yourself of increased performance and reduced fatigue and regeneration times during sports. Do you think these compression leggings are too hot in summer? No, don’t worry. The trousers are absolutely breathable, sit like a second skin and offer an extremely high wearing comfort. You are convinced, but do not know what size to order? No problem at all. With these trousers you can easily choose your normal clothing size. Do you vary between two sizes? No problem either. You can reach me at any time by email, WhatsApp or email. I am happy to assist you with advice and deeds. In this sense: enjoy the summer to the fullest and if you want to do something good for your leg health, then treat yourself to the wonder pants. So, like me, you can dance through life with light feet.

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